Laconic Time

“LACONICO TEMPO” Collection:

In these works of art, time relates through light, color and space.
Is time an allusion? There is an inner time (psyche / sensation / soul) but with Einstein’s Space-Time, we now finally know that the present is the only reality, as past and future coexist in a single vision. This collection, through a dynamic brushstroke, tries to capture the moment. It is the fleetingness of a moment, perceived in all its cognitive variables, individually enclosed in the depths of each of us when we see the infinite. It is the unstoppable journey to the uncontaminated!
The research is focused on a painting that tries to enclose the “timelessness” of nature in its universal and aesthetic values.

TITLE: In the glow that caresses the moment
TECHNIQUE: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 50×70 cm
YEAR: 2017

This work of art wants to express the ethereal and reassuring sense that is captured in the morning light. The chromatic texture moves imperceptibly in an attempt to capture the moment. Small touches of color fragment the light, opening the horizon of dawn.

TITLE: He immersed himself in the glow …
TECHNIQUE. Oil painting on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 100×1000
YEAR: 2018

This work seeks nature in its universal essence, through the four elements (air and water), which reveal its intrinsic meaning. It is the ancestral power that reveals life in its spiritual depth.
Water, like an alchemical process, transmutes into light. It is water that purifies the spirit, a medium for evolution. It is a plunge into the abyss of the soul, into the primordial liquid, in search of the light that shines in humanity. It is an ancestral action! It is a circular motion that reveals life fleeing towards splendor.

TITLE: In the Fluent Uncontaminated
TECHNIQUE. Oil and acrylic on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 50×70 cm
YEAR: 2018

Water conceived in its primordial essence is a flexible and receptive emblem of the feminine. The water that meets matter, assuming the forms of its multiplicity.
Water that penetrates space-time along the infinite plots of the uncontaminated
The river of Heraclitus! Panta-reiā€¦ Where everything flows and flows
The immense that cannot be grasped as a whole in the vision, the time that cannot be enclosed because in its passage the eternal is in force …