Hello! My name is Tiziana, I am a well-rounded artist: I create works in oil, I write articles and reviews. Often my pictorial research is accompanied by poetic texts that generate the images of my collections. My guide is the art itself, the physical laws and its inherent spirituality.

my path

After my course of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, where I specialized in Painting, I obtained a Diploma in “Builder Technician in Museum Merchandising“. I dedicated myself for a year to the study of Restoration of Old Paintings. I immediately developed a propensity for abstract art and engraving, always maintaining a strong relationship with the classic technique of shading and oil glazing.
My research explores light, through suffused superimpositions of chromatic textures and is focused on the possibility of creating a dialogue between scientific and philosophical realities, spiritual and artistic intuitions.
My journey begins with the “DISSOLVENZE” Collection, where the form is dematerialized in color, up to other collections such as “LACONICO TEMPO” and “VIBRAZIONI“: the light that vibrates in the space of the painting and modulates time. From 2018 to 2019 I adhered to the constitution of the Oxford Collective, baptized by Maestro Giampaolo Berto’s “New Roman Spatialism”, whose artistic Manifesto was presented at the headquarters of the Merulana Museum in Rome. I began to make my poetic production visible in 2008 by contributing the text “Primordial Ecstasy” to the Artist’s Book taken from the exhibition “La Fonte Meravigliosa” held at the Vallicelliana Library in Rome and it appears in the archives of the National Museum of Art Library Modern. In 2018 the text “Dissolvenze di Opposti Echi” was published in the Periodical of Art, Culture and Sciences of Livorno together with an anthology of my pictorial works. In 2019 the reading to music of my six poetic writings was performed to mark the opening of the exhibition “Artists at Work” at the Castle of Santa Severa. Currently I continue to work on painting, following a path that embraces multiple dimensions, where the image embraces the poetics of vision. In March 2021, recognizing my last five years of artistic work, the U.I.L (National Union of Artists-Writers) awarded me the “Industry Prize” for career achievements.
I came to abstract painting after years of research on the synthesis of form, which over time in my paintings, ended up dissolving almost completely in color. I prefer informal art even if in my works I have maintained the presence of a subject that interacts with the background and the elements of the painting. I try to represent ancestral forms, where Being is conceived in a universal form. I chose to adopt the classic technique of oil painting because it allows me to bring out the color through shades and transparencies. It is no coincidence that I love a painting of atmospheric sensations where the sign is dissolved and everything acquires a fluid aesthetic. Light is very important to me to create color variations and to emphasize the concept of dynamism. The exploration of movement and brightness is fundamental in all my works, which are associated with studies of philosophy, spirituality and quantum physics. This is because I believe in art that seeks harmony through an open vision that embraces infinite points of view.

artistic education

2009-2010 Restoration of ancient paintings (Lignarius O.N.L.U.S Association, Rome private school)

2007-2008  Degree in Museum Merchandising (studies supported by Italian patronage fund sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities)    

1998-2003  Academy of Fine Art of Rome –Specializing in Painting.

1992-1997 Experimental Art school, Figurative major at a Rome liceo

collective exhibitions

2022 Independent & Image Art Space – Group Exhibition”Fluid Time”- Chongqing, China.  

2022 Culturally Arts Collective – “Beyond the veil” – Miloska Center for Exhibitions- Washington, USA. 

2022International Island Country Artists 5h – “Int. Mail Art “SU” – lisina – section Water; Burdur,Turkey

2022 Illustration Festival “Per non perdere il filo” – Amantea Comics – Italy

2022 Signum (Opera Unica) – “PLUSPLUS” – Stagione 2022 – a cura di Francesco Gallo Mazzeo – Bibliothè Art Gallery – Rome, Italy.

2022 “Art for Climate Change” 2nd edition – Digital Exhibition – (Tiziana Rasile – The intrinsic meaning of nature: Water…Fluid energy!) – Platformeplanetearth; U.S.A.

2021 “Art for the Soul” – Charitable online Auction – Laura I. Gallery; London, UK.

2021 Int. Art Exhibition”Exploring the I and you in an era of change”- presented by multi – award winning Laura. I. Gallery; London, UK.

2021 “Signum”-(Unique Work)- QUID- Bibliothè Art Gallery; Rome, Italy.

2021 International Online Art Exhibition “Catalist”- Stoa Collective, (March-April-May); Dublin, Ireland.

2021 Contemporary Online Art Exhibition ” Dialogando con il futuro”- Foressego Art International; Italy.

2021 International Abstract Competition – Art Show International; NY, U.S.A.

2021 “Art as a response to Mental Health”-Contemporary Online Art Exhibition 2021,June – Doncaster Art Fair; London, UK.

2021 Art Room Gallery- Contemporary Online Art Exhibition, May 2021; London, UK. 

2018 International Art Exhibition- “HART-UG”- Rome-kiev-at the San Salvatore in Lauro Museum; Rome,Italy. 

2018 Constitution of the Oxford Collective with the presentation of the Manifesto Artistic “New Roman Spatialism” baptized by Maestro Giampaolo Berto – Presentation at the Museum of Palazzo Merulana; Rome, Italy.

– Exhibitions of the Oxford Collective “Beyond Form, Space and Color”:

– Galleria GARD (Rome)

– Palazzetto dei Nobili (AQ)

– Palace of the Dragon (Sutri) – Rome, Italy

2017 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Woman and Autumn”at Venanzo Crocetti Museum; Rome, Italy

2017 MEART International Biennial of the Mediterranean of Palermo; Palermo, Italy.

2016 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Contemporary Artist in the City of Uffizi Gallery”- at the Palazzo Ximenes; Florence, Italy.

2016 Contemporary Art Fair “Carousele du Louvre”-Louvre Museum; Paris, France.

2016 Contemporary Art Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture, Visual Arts applied, Literature, “To Put Up Artfully…” at the Sala della Pace of Palazzo Valentini; , Rome, Italy.

2009 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Nel cammin…” –Orsini Palace; Bomarzo, Italy.

2009 Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Complex in Quirinale; Rome, Italy.

2009 Art Exhibition Cont. “Mille Artisti a Palazzo” – Contemporary art showcase Palazzo Arese Borromeo – Cesano Maderno (MI), Italy.

2007 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art and Universe”, at the Romania’s Accademy; Rome, Italy.

2007 Art Exhibition Cont. “The Dream and The Art”: The variety of the margin- National Union of writers and artists – National Headquarters UIL; Rome, Italy.

2007 – Biennial “Free-Art”, at Canovaccio’s Gallery- Antonio Canova’s studio; Rome, Italy.

2006 – “Monselice’s city” Prize- 9 th National Competition of Graphic and Painting “Temistocle Scola”, at the Museum Complex; San Paolo di Monselice, Itay.

2006 Competition “Party in the park of Residence”, Pietro Zanghieri’s Residence (Forlì- Italy), under the auspices of Museum of art of 1900’ generations- G. Borghellini (BO-Italy).

2004 “The Language of Art”, under the auspices of Ministry of Culture and Rome Council, at San Francesco a Ripa’s Gallery; Rome, Italy.

2004 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Features of Italian 1900’s”, at Granatieri’s Army Museum; Rome, Italy.

2004 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Sagra del Sole” at Calvi’s Palace Council , with ISLA Cultural Association (Latin America integration and solidarity, o.n.l.u.s.), at Republic of Bolivia and Venezuela Embassy; Calvi, Italy.

2004 Art Exhibition Cont. Itinerant “Review of the two worlds”- patronage of the Abruzzo region, municipality of Calvi, province of L’Aquila, Embassy of Venezuela, Uruguay and Peru – collaboration Cultural Ass.ne ISLA and ALI (Ass.ne Latinoamericana in Italy):
-Basilica of Collemaggio (Aquila)

– M.Caniglia Theatre – Sulmona (AQ)

-P.zza XX Settembre – Montecatini Terme-(Pistoia)

-U.C.S.E.I Permanent Exhibition Hall – (Rome)

2003 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art and Science for Life”- 2 nd edition – graphic section- Edo Tempia Fundation; Biella, Italy.

2002 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Creative Atmospheres” at Angelo Azzurro Gallery; Rome, Italy.

2002 Contemporary Art Fair, at Atelier Gustave Gallery; Paris, France.

2002 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Artisti per l’Arte”- Galleria Spazio per l’Arte; Rome, Italy.

2002 11 th International Prize of Contemporary Art “Remo Brindisi”, Palazzo Barberini; Rome, Italy.

2002 Extemporaneous Prize Int. Of Painting , Sculpture and Visual Arts applied “Art and Health” – V ediz. – Basilica di San Pancrazio; Rome, Italy.

2000 14 th National Biennial Painting “Soliera’s City” Soliera, Italy.

2000 IV Edition International Prize “Old and Young talents in comparition”-III Painting section award; Rome, Italy.

2000 Ripetta 2000 Prize”, Spazio Visivo Gallery Rome, Italy.


2021 “Signum” (Unique Work) –  Tiziana Rasile: “Fluidus”- Bibliothè Art Gallery; Rome, Italy

2004 Francesco Caligiuri and the Art of Tiziana Rasile -Gallery of San Francesco a Ripa; Rome, Italy


2021 Finalist award in the International online Abstract Competition- Art Show International; NY, U.S.A

2021 Finalist award for Nature Art in the International online competition – Art room Gallery, London; UK

2020 UIL- National Union of  Artist – writers – Award for the la five years of career; Italy

2018 – “HART UG”- Rome-Kiev at the San Salvatore in Lauro Museum: Second Prize Roma, Italy

2006 Prize “Città di Monselice”- VII Prize in the Painting section- San Paolo Monselice Museum- Monselice, Italy

2004 Prize “Capitolium”- IV Edition- Contemporary Art- Granatieri’s Army Museum of Rome Roma, Italy

2002 – IX International Prize “Remo Brindisi”- V Prize in the Painting section – Barberini Palace in Rome; Roma, Italy

2001 XIV Biennial of Painting “Città di Soliera”- Editorial Award of the Comed-Guide of Fine Art Soliera, Italy

2000 Ripetta 2000 Award- Spazio Galerie : First Prize in the Youth section-Second Prize in the Abstract Painting, Rome; Italy

2000 IV Edition International Prize “Old and Young talents in comparition”-III Painting section award, Rome; Italy

private collections

2009 The work of Tiziana Rasile is present in the Private Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Praia a Mare: Materiche Fluttuazioni – Material Fluctuation (Oil on Canvas-30×60); Praia a Mare, Italy.

press and publication

2022 Independent & Image Art Space – Group Exhibition”Fluid Time”- Chongqing, China  (catalog).   

2022 Culturally Arts Collective – “Beyond the veil” – Miloska Center for Exhibitions- Washington, USA. (catalog).

2022 Revista “Praxis Colombia”; Colombia, South America.

2021 “Surface Encounter”- Airy waters – Hidden Talentes Collective Magazine, (july issue 2021)- Edited by Arches Project; Birmingham, UK.

2021 “Corriere dell’Arte”- Art Magazine – Tiziana Rasile: In the glow that caresses the moment –  (February); Italy.

2021 Art Magazine “THE WORKING ARTIST III”- Art Magazine London, UK.

2021 BOOMER Gallery Magazine- First edition- The New Artist- London ,UK. 

2019 “ART NOW” Magazine- Promoter of Creativity (July/August)- Serradifalco Editore Italy.

2018 “THE FIRST BERLINER ART BOOK 20018”- Art Management Berlin” Germany.

2018  “POLYCHROMIA” present at the book fair “FRANKFURTER BUCHMESSE 2018” Studio Byblos; Italy.

2018 ”Accademia Il Marzocco”- Periodical of Art, Culture and Science of Livorno; Italy.

2016 “ITALIANI”..From Figuration to Conceptual – EA Editore; Italy.

2009 Artist’book “The Wonderful Source”- Space, Art and Nature- Library of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome; Italy.

2003 Newpaper “Il Difensore Civico”- The Color of the Soul- Tiziana Rasile; Italy.

2003  II Edition “ Fondo Edo Tempia”- Art and Science for life- section Engraving;Biella,  Italy.