who I am

Tiziana Rasile was born in Rome where she lives and works. She completed the course of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in Painting. She obtained a Diploma in "Technical Builder in Merchandising Museum" and for a year she dedicated herself to the study of Restoration of Ancient Paintings. She immediately developed a propensity for abstract art and engraving, always maintaining a strong relationship with the classical technique of nuance and oil veiling. Over the course of her career she has participated in numerous events and won several international awards. Her research explores light, through over-positions suffused with chromatic textures and is focused on the possibility of creating a dialogue between scientific and philosophical realities, spiritual and artistic insights. Her journey begins with the "FADES" Collection, where the form is dematerialized in color, to other collections such as "LACONIC TIME" and "VIBRATIONS": the light that vibrates in the space of the picture and modulates time. From 2018 to 2019 she adhered to the constitution of the "New Roman Spatialism", presented at the Merulana Museum in Rome. In March 2021 she received the "Opera Prize" for career achievements during the last five years by the U. I. L. (National Union of Artists-Writers). The artist writes film reviews for the Teatro Contemporaneo e Cinema magazine, a column “Art Dimensions" for the Foressego Art International Organization and collaborates with several galleries, writing articles and catalogs for them. She is represented by Laura I. Contemporary Art Gallery in London.


press and publication

2022 Independent & Image Art Space – Group Exhibition”Fluid Time”- Chongqing, China
2022 Culturally Arts Collective – “Beyond the veil” – Miloska Center for Exhibitions- Washington, USA. 
2022 Revista “Praxis Colombia”
2021 “Surface Encounter”- Hidden Talentes Collective Magazine, (july issue 2021)- Edited by Arches Project; Birmingham, UK
2021 “Corriere dell’Arte”- Art Magazine – Tiziana Rasile: In the glow that caresses the moment – (February); Italy
2021 Art Magazine “THE WORKING ARTIST III”- Art Magazine London, UK
2021 BOOMER Gallery Magazine- First edition- The New Artist- London ,UK
2019 “ART NOW” Magazine- Promoter of Creativity (July/August)- Serradifalco Editore Italy
2018 “THE FIRST BERLINER ART BOOK 20018”- Art Management Berlin” Germanie
2018 “POLYCHROMIA” present at the book fair “FRANKFURTER BUCHMESSE 2018” Studio Byblos; Italy
2018 ”Accademia Il Marzocco”- Periodical of Art, Culture and Science of Livorno; Italy
2016 “ITALIANI”..From Figuration to Conceptual- EA Editore(Italy) Italy
2009 Artist’book “The Wonderful Source”-Space, Art and Nature- Library of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome; Italy
2003 Newpaper “Il Difensore Civico”- The Colour of the Soul- Tiziana Rasile (Italy)
2003 II Edition “ Fondo Edo Tempia”- Art and Science for life- section Engraving Biella, Italy