Dynamic Primordial


This latest collection is focused on the resumption of form and on a greater chromatic force, where being is represented in its ancestral essence. In the “Primordiale Dinamico” collection, being takes shape in its archetypal essence, through the pictorial material. Archetypes are not static dimensions that belong to the past but are clothes to be interpreted in the present, aware of our origins.
The Primordial is dynamic!

TITLE: Dynamic Primordial
TECHNIQUE. Oil painting on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 90×60 cm
YEAR: 2020

TITLE: Archetypal Waves of Light
TECHNIQUE: Oil on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 50×60 cm
YEAR: 2021

TITLE: In the Floating Archetype
TECHNIQUE: Oil on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 50×100 cm
YEAR: 2021

TITLE: Chromatic Ancestral
TECHNIQUE: Oil on canvas
DIMENSIONS: 50×120 cm
YEAR: 2022